Propel - Career Compendium by Jitin Chawla

Propel - Career Compendium by Jitin Chawla

Propel - Career Compendium
Jitin Chawla
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We are launching the fourth edition of Propel-a career book covering broad aspects of popular & upcoming careers for the students. A number of parents, teachers & students keep on demanding crisp career information which we have provided in this book. Propel is a smart and compact compilation of important careers. The Fourth edition focuses on providing handy information for career planning & options in a compact format. This book provides an opportunity to the students to look at the entire spectrum of offbeat careers as against conventional careers. This book inspires the student to be audacious and choose careers that fit their aptitude, personality & interests. The career options mentioned in Propel are categorized into following avenues: Emerging Entrepreneurial opportunities, Emerging Science based, Commerce & Humanities careers and Offbeat careers.

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