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1. What does Rockstand have for its users? Is it available on different platforms?
Rockstand is a mobile application available on Android, IOS and Windows for purchasing eBooks/eMagazines which let you read a wide variety of eBooks/eMagazines on the move.

2. Do I need to register before making any purchase from Rockstand?
Yes, you need to register with Rockstand before purchasing any eBook/eMagazine.

3. What if I need to download updates about the recent versions for the application on my device?
You will be regularly notified about any latest updates for the Rockstand app. You can get the software updates for the current Android version through Google Play Store. For any other updates or news related to Rockstand application, you can check our Facebook (link) and Twitter (link) pages.

4. How can I make payment at Rockstand? Is it safe to use my credit card on this site?
Transactions on Rockstand are very safe. We use the best-in-class security, highly encrypted payment gateways and the transactions done are secure.

When one is connected through WiFi the different payment options are:
  • Credit Card
  • Debit Card
  • Net Banking
And if the user is connected through data connection (2G or 3G) then different options are:
  • Pay from SIM Balance
  • Credit Card
  • Debit Card
  • Net Banking

5. How do I cancel a transaction or get the refund?
In case of any discrepancies we will refund the money, provided that the reasons are valid. Write to us at support@rockstand.in . We will be more than happy to assist you within the applicable limits.

6. My payment process got interrupted. What should I do
Your payment got interrupted? No problem! Mail us at support@rockstand.in and we serve you in best possible manner.
If your transaction got cancelled in between but no deduction has been made then reinitiate the transaction process after sometime but if the amount has been debited then delete the eBook/eMagazine from bookshelf and download manager and then go to MENU > PURCHASE HISTORY and restore your eBook/eMagazine.

7. I love reading. Do I require a good memory phone to download and keep a large number of eBooks/eMagazines?
As the eBooks/eMagazines you download get saved on your device so in order to keep a large number of books you require a phone with a sound memory.

8. Can I delete a eBook/eMagazine from the Bookshelf?
Yes! Go to the bookshelf and keep a long press on the eBook/eMagazine you want to delete. It will ask you for your confirmation, click yes and the eBook/eMagazine will be deleted.

9. Can I read on my desktop/laptop?
No! The eBooks/eMagazines can only be downloaded via website through desktop/laptop but they are available only on your mobiles/tablets with the same account credential.

10. I’m not able to read eBook/eMagazine after downloading it.
If you are not able to read the eBook/eMagazine you have downloaded then delete it from the bookshelf. Go to MENU > PURCHASE HISTORY and restore your purchase. But still you can’t read it then mail our support team, the eBook/eMagazine will be provided to you.

11. I forgot my password. Can you help?
If in case you forget your password then,

Get in touch now. We are here to help!

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